Updated: Jan 1, 2020

Hello everyone! It's been a while since we've made a post here over on Rockabillysoap and I've decided to give you all a lengthy update on the state of Rockabilly.

Let's start with the personal front. As of the time of writing this blog most of us are sick in some capacity over here. However, we're working as hard as we can to get orders out before Christmas. (If things arrive after Christmas, we're so very sorry). We want to take a moment to thank Sibernethy and his great well for the help and advertising that he has done for us. I will be working with him again down the line. Link to his twitter is here:

Honestly, there's a lot of wonderful users on twitter that has been wonderful to us and if I made a blog about every single person, well, we'd be called Rockabillyblog. Not that some of you guys wouldn't like that or anything, because we love talking to every one of you. You all seem to like our life adventures. Like life with Tater Tot. Or the pictures of the crafts we're currently working on.

Now that I mentioned it, on life with Tater Tot (Man, I miss doing these blogs). Tater Tot thankfully seems to be over being sick and hurt and is trying to climb over everyone. We'd rather him climb on us than try to climb on dressers and shelves again. Now he's back at his inquisitive stage. Like this morning he was pointing at the muffin box that we now use for dice and goes "Muffin? Muffin? Car? Car!". Can you guess what some of his favorite things are?

Onto the business side, because there's a lot to take in.

First off, we have both a successful Indiegogo and a Kickstarter under our belts. Those orders are being sent out as soon as they're finished. We want to thank every one of you for that. Without your help, we wouldn't be here now.

Since the crowdfunding went well, we're able to now offer loot soap easily to the public because we have the supplies needed to take this full scale. We also will be offering bath bombs with a surprise inside too. Mostly dice or tabletop miniatures, but you can send us a message and we'll willing to make almost anything happen for you, our lovely friends. Thank you again.

New soap and dice options will be coming to the store in the next couple of weeks, and we've decided to make some changes in the backend of the site. So let us know if anything looks broken and we'll come back to fix it.

Now for a mix of the two.

Would you like to be linked on our site? Because we are considering making a "Friends of Rockabilly" page here on our site to link to the wonderful people we call family on twitter. Because we want people to check out our friends' store in case there's something they can find there :).

Now that I've written this, it feels less like an update of the state of Rockabilly and more of a larger twitter post.

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