Strange Finds at Goodwill (1)

So, imagine if you will, someone who is stopping at Goodwill because Sweet Potato needs a shirt for her culinary internship. You wander through the aisles while she is looking for what she needs and you spot something in the toy aisle. You stop and look and you see this:

And then you have to stop and wonder why you found this here. In the toy section. Sitting there. Looking at you as you see if there's anything that Tater Tot would like.

So you go and see what Filly is doing and show her what you found and then you spot even more food. You stare blankly at this. Why is it here? Where did it come from? Where is it going Cotton Eye Joe?

So you decide that it is too weird for you. Why am I typing in this as if I'm telling you what to feel? I have no idea, I was just letting my figures go.

We also found a couple of other things that were not "Why is there food here at a thrift/second-hand store? Expired Food?" An old General Electric radio that looked to be in decent shape and an Ethernet card that requires dos 6/win3.1/win95." It was sealed up and they had two of them. I was shocked to see two because you don't see things like these before.

Let me know what you think and let me know if I should keep doing posts like these either on twitter or in the comments section down below.

And remember, this is just a post, a really weird what did I find on my adventure post. Thanks for reading.

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