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Hello, Fella here with an update to our next update if you will. Indiegogo, Kickstarter, and Store orders will be shipping out over the next few weeks. So there's that! As for why this blog is only three days after the last one is that I actually had a moment to type that wasn't taken up by dice or soap or Tater Tot being adorable in the house while it's too cold to go play in the park to lower the energy that he can contain in his small toddler body.

Let's start off with our resident toddler Tater Tot, because he's adorable and who doesn't love hearing about him. It's been a bit since we've actively talked about him on this blog or on twitter, so it only makes sense to update everyone on his adorableness. He has mastered (Or almost mastered anyway) a few new words, and currently, one of his favorite words to say is mowman. He doesn't exactly have the word snowman down but ever since we went to Six Flags, he has been saying mowman a lot. Tater Tot has phrases down like "Is that <insert object here>" "Thank yoooooooou" and "Is that gween? Blue! Dak (Zach)! Llama" He'll also say bless you man or bless you dude when you sneeze. He is very polite and very precious. He loves to learn and he loves his playtime with all of the adults in the house.

And now for the second part, and the second most important part of this blog post (Let's be real, Tater Tot is the most precious and the most important thing ever). I want to take a moment to reach out to a couple of our favorite people outside the house that, without them, we wouldn't be as popular now.

I would like to first say thank you to sibernethy (You can find him here on twitter: He was our very first sale and he has stood by us since then. I can not thank him and his ever-present presence on social media and on his twitch. ( ) Siber loves to play a lot of the game Theif and even Minecraft on stream. We personally love it when he plays Minecraft, but we tune in every time he streams. (Mostly Tater Tot, Tater Tot loves all things Minecraft and giggles at Sibers streams). He's a great and wonderful friend and I'll be linking to his content a lot more in the upcoming blogs!

Next, we come to our head of marketing and resident "has to remind people that the soap is soap and not forbidden foods." Meg. Or as she's known on twitter as because she loves to go around and retweet things that she finds lovely or interesting. All she asks in payment is that you give her a follow on twitter. She does have her own gaming channel over here at if you would like to give her channel a quick view. She plays mostly Minecraft as well and loves it when people comment on her posts on twitter and youtube!

And, there's just one more thing that I would love to address. Alright, three things. First off, remember that the soap we make isn't food, even if it may look like that from the outside. And Second off, what content would you guys like to see more of here? Videos? Us talking about our favorite foods? Maybe video games?

And the third and final thing. The major thing that got me to take the moment out of my night before going off and relaxing and watching some Star Wars Rebels on Disney+ is this. A funny thing happened on the way to me looking through the website analytics for the past four months. Ever since we teamed up with Sibernethy. There was something that caught my eye because it was so very odd. A search engine that hardly anyone talks about


Mother trucking replaced MSN as a search engine, Bing. Who uses bing nowadays? Comment below the reason why! I'm not upset that people have a preferred search engine. Because I'm curious. Very Curious.

Who knows, you might get a treat! Love,


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