New Year, New Blogpost

Hello everyone! It's been a couple of weeks now since our last post. Christmas has come and passed and that was an example of how we could keep presents hidden from Tater Tot. He gets so excited still for boxes and he got excited over cars and his new race car track. Mario Kart themed from Hot Wheels, who would imagine that would be a thing? They're pretty cool, even I have sat down and played cars with the kiddo.

It seems like Tater Tot is calm around his dad and me, The Fella while he is hyper around Sweet Potato and Filly. He's such an adorable energetic Tater Tot.

So, let's quickly list off some positive things that have happened in the last couple of weeks. 1. Tater Tot has quickly added more words to his vocabulary and has now started stringing more than two-word sentences together. So sometimes we'll get "I want car." or "Can help please?" and then if you help him he will say "Thank yoooooou". The longer he holds out the oou the more he means it. He also has snow, but instead of snow, it's mow. So he will go "is that mowman? Mowman!"

2. Tater Tot loves Six Flags and the people in Christmas costumes.

3. The Indiegogo and Kickstarter for the dice in soap idea went extremely well. We're going to add those to our actual shop now. Orders for both will be outgoing shortly, so keep an eye on your mailboxes if you ordered.

And then, with the positives come some negatives.

1. We are not, in fact, down with the sickness. The Flu lasted way too long and got in the way of doing anything exciting.

2. The Car Accident, we're not happy about this, but the guy who hit and run Sweet Potato's car is now in jail. Everyone is alright, the car needs a few repairs.

Expect to see more blog posts from now on, and keep an eye on your mailing list for exclusive content and coupons!

Oh, and expect more Life with Tater Tot posts too!

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