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Hello everyone who is reading this, I'm going to start off by saying that you're awesome and you should remain awesome. No matter how you feel, you're awesome.

I've been using the hashtag #washyourdamnhands on twitter to raise awareness about how you should be washing your hands. As a person who has a big heart, I care a lot about random strangers and friends I've met on the internet. You should be washing your hands for twenty seconds with warm water and soap (bar is recommended but liquid is fine too). We don't care if you're not using our unique brand of soap, we just want you to remain healthy.

Tater Tot would be sad if you got sick, do you want Tater Tot to be sad?

There's just way too much negativity going around right now with everything going on in the world. Politically, state of emergency wise, and other ways everyone is being so gosh darn negative. We should work on turning those frowns upside down and work hard on the little things. Like making sure there's plenty of food for everyone by donating money and food to the foodbanks/soup kitchens. And we should also spark creativity in children through acting, drawing, singing, or heck, even trying to record on youtube. Let children be creative, they are our future.

Anyway, onto what I was originally going to talk about and then my fingers started to go off and start typing.

So, we started a new Kickstarter that has giant snowglobes inside of the dice. You may be asking "Didn't you do this with Neon Knights?" and you'd be right, but we went in a little different direction with this one. These have little miniatures inside of them to represent different mythological creatures from the Far East. Bitey and his friends are going on an adventure to find new friends to add to their ranks. We have a little story that's unfolding with each unlock and it will be turned into not only a children's book but a D&D campaign.

You can either get a full set of dice with a snowglobe dice, you can just get a bar of soap with dice inside of them, or you can order the whole shebang. And then later we can go have some hootenannies and shindigs. Maybe do some square dancing or something.

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