There have been a few changes around here since the last time that this has been updated. They are as follow:

1)A media kit page for any collabs and sponsorships to link to.

2)Collab with Sibernethy, Details on the coming soon page.

3)The IndieGoGo for Dice Loot Soap is up and at 41% Funded. Thank you very much for that.

4)Added the coming soon page.

5)Added the Life with Tater Tot Blog.

Thank you for reading this and thank you for being a part of our family here on Route 66.


This is the second blog post for this site and like the first post, we're just going to summarize what's on our mind.

We're trying out some new bath bomb scents so we can offer a unique gift set come Christmas time. Again, we're going to make sure that our products come in bio-degradable packaging in the form of a small jewelry box. So people can store their rings or other trinkets inside of them after using the bath bomb.

How does this sound?


So, while browsing Twitter earlier today I stumbled upon an article that said that small businesses should have a blog. So here we are, on our site with a blog.

Do you know what this means? I can sit here and ramble on about anything and everything I want without the one-hundred and forty characters. And that means I can talk about what's going on in a longer post.

We're working on two charity soaps as we speak. One of the two is going to the local food banks around where we are located at on Route 66. The other one is for a charity located over here at https://jaspersgameday.com/ . We believe that we should help our fellow man, woman, and child out anyway we can and if that means donating a little bit here and there so that someone can get the help that they need? We're all for that, even more since this is also Mental Health Awareness Day today.

So we just want to say that we love you all and we hope you're well.